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Our Story

Like it says in our name, Ensemble Theatre Company is a children’s theatre company that focuses on ensemble performances. To us, this means teaching our kids that every role, every person, every performance is important. We work hard to make sure that every kid feels special while on stage regardless of the size of their role. Every student is given a chance to shine while simultaneously growing in their craft and their confidence. We have kids of all levels of experience yet everyone works together to make an amazing final product, as an Ensemble!

Ensemble Theatre Company A Professional Theatre Experience for Kids

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Working with KidStage Colorado

In the true spirit of collaboration in theatre, ETC has teamed up with KidStage Colorado to bring Musical Theatre offerings to KidStage families.

We enjoy a wonderful working relationship with KidStage and love meeting new families every year. KidStage camps are offered through the KidStage website and anyone can register for those camps there.

KidStage Colorado

Amy Michelle Collins, Director

Amy Michelle CollinsAmy has over 25 years of experience in and around children’s theatre. She was resident director/choreographer for Kids Theatre West here in Denver for seven years. Before the she was a director/choreographer/teacher for the Circle Children’s Theatre and the Children’s Theater of Florida in Orlando, Florida for four years.

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Johanna Jaquith, Director

Johanna Jaquith, DirectorJohanna over 20 years of experience working with kids in different venues (coach, nanny, teacher, etc.). She has taught for Kidstage for over seven years including directing the second Kidstage Select production, Fearsome Pirate Frank. She worked for Kids Theatre West, for three years, directing and stage managing various summer camps.

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